RTMNU Syllabus MBA Paper V Marketing Of Services

Nagpur University exams

MBA Paper 5 Syllabus Nagpur University RTMNU syllabus mba Paper V: Marketing Of Services

Paper V: Marketing Of Services

Unit I: Concept of services – What is services, Reasons for the growth of service economy, Goods Vs
Services, Competitive trend in new millennium, Future of service sector.
Unit II: Service – Nature & characteristics and strategies, Characteristics of services, Intangibility,
Inseparability, Variability, Perishability, Heterogeneity, Ownership, Marketing Mix and strategies in
Service Marketing, Product decisions, pricing strategies, Promotion of services, Placing or Distribution
methods of services, People Physical Evidence, Process, Service vision & Strategies: Includes
Advertisements, Branding, Packaging of Services.
Unit III: Service Quality – Impact of service Quality, Approaches to service Quality, Ten original
dimensions of Service Quality, How to improve service Quality, Service quality information systems,
Benchmarking and certification.
Unit IV: Service Consumer Behavior/Customer Retention & Relationship Marketing – CB-Services,
Facts & Importance of CB in services, Evolution of Relationship Marketing, Enhancement of Internal &
External relationships, Customer Retention (Operations, Delivery System).
Unit V: International Marketing of Services – Elements of Global Transnational, International Branding
& Advertising, Industry Globalization drivers, Problems connected to Marketing, 10-P models of Global
Strategies Management.
Unit VI: Elements of customer services and identifying them – Marketing challenges in services
business; Classification of services; End user, Profit orientation, Services tangibility, People based
services, Expertise.
Unit VII: Rural Marketing – Rural India as an untapped market, Characteristics of rural marketing
(Large in size, Scattered, Seasonal, Irregular demand, Backwardness, Low exposure to modern world etc.)
Page 43
Product mix for rural market – Marketing of manufactured consumer goods as well agricultural inputs in
rural market; Pricing strategy according to economic backwardness & other influences in rural areas;
Physical distribution & problem of poor infrastructure
Unit VIII: Marketing of Services – Marketing of Insurance & Banking Services, Concepts of Insurance &
Banking Services , Marketing mix of Insurance & banking services, Insurance & bank marketing in Indian
perspective, Marketing of Hotel & Tourism Services, Concept of Hotel & Tourism Services; Market mix of
Hotel & Tourism services, Hotel & Tourism marketing in Indian perspective; Marketing of Transport and
Consultancy Marketing- Introduction, Concept, Users, Consumer Profile, Marketing Mix elements for
marketing of Transport and Consultancy Marketing.
Unit IX: Role of IT in Services- Introduction to ITES (Captive / Third Party BPO’s and KPO’s) and CRM
(e-CRM, CRM in Banking and Financial Services)
Unit X: Legal issues- Taxation
Suggested Readings
Services management & Marketing – D.Balajee -S.Chand and company
Services Marketing by Govind Apte Jha –Publisher: Oxford university Press.
Services Marketing by S.M.Jha –Publisher Himalaya Publishing Company.
Services Marketing integrating customer Focus acrbyoss the firm by Valarie A. Zeithaml –Publisher: McGraw Hill.
Marketing Management:-S V Ramaswamy & S Namkumari – Macmillan India Ltd

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