RPSC ACF Syllabus for English Paper 2020

RPSC ACF Syllabus for English Paper 2020


1. Articles & Determiners
2. Prepositions
3. Tenses & Sequence of Tenses
4. Modals
5. Correction of Sentences
6. Transformation of sentences
(A) Change of Parts of Speech – from Nominal to Adjectival to Verbal
& vice versa
(B) Change of Voice – from Active to Passive & vice versa
(C) Change of Narration – from Direct to Indirect & vice versa
(D) Change of Degrees of Comparison
7. Vocabulary
(A) Synonyms & Antonyms
(B) One Word substitutes
(C) Words often confused, misused, misspelt
(D) Phrasal words & Idioms
8. Comperehension – Questions based on a passage of 200/250 words
9. Translation from Hindi to English.
10. Elements of Correspondence
(Official, Semi official letters, Notices, Memorandums, emails, Tenders)

Note :- Pattern of Question Paper
1. Objective type paper
2. Maximum Marks : 100
3. Number of Questions : 100
4. Duration of Paper : Three Hours
5. All questions carry equal marks.
6. There will be Negative Marking.

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