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Nagpur University MBA Marketing Management Question paper download Online –

Hello friends today i m going to provide you Nagpur University’s old question paper for “ Group A MBA Marketing Management” hope you all refer this question paper for further study purpose.

 and “All the best for the exams
MDN/KS/09 – 1875-A
Second Semester Master of Business Administration (M. B. A)        Examination
(New Course)
Group A : Marketing Management
Paper – I
Time : Three Hours ]    [ Max. Marks : 80 ]

N. B. : (l) Attempt five questions, at-least two questions from each section are compulsory. (2) All questions carry equal marks.


1. What could be the promotion mix components and objectives of followings. Explain and justify your responses :­
(1)    Frozen chicken.
(ii)    Beach side cofe coffee Day restaurant.
(iii)    Premium brand toilet soap.
(iv)    Racer’s Bike.
2. Explain with . appropriate examples how, as per the P. L. C, the Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) objectives changes.
3. `Go – Green- is the township project of ‘Nagpur­Builders’ which they want to launch in Nagpur suggest the company.    ‘
(i)    Special attributes of the project with Unique
selling proposition (LT.. S. P).
(ii)    Marketing communication strategies for positioning and building the brand.

4. Why is Marketing Communication Research important .= Explain how Advertising and Target Market Research is conducted.

5. (i)    Explain the importance of word of mouth communication in Brand promotion.
(ii)    Identify and explain the roles of :­
(a) Opinion leaders in purchase of agricultural equipments and fertilizers.
(b) Reference Groups in purchase of Mobiles and Luxury cars.


6. “The effectiveness of advertising depends upon the extend to which the advertising message is received and accepted by the target audience”. Discuss the statement. Explain the advertising Message Execution process.
-7. Explain the term `Account Management’. What efforts should be taken to improve Client Agency Interface.
8. Explain “Pull and Push” strategy of promotion through channels. How does it have an edge over personal selling.
9. Explain the principles and concepts of Corporate Communication.
10. Write notes on (any two) :­
(a)    Legal and ethical issues in I M C.
(b)    Communication in Multicultural Marketing.
(c)    Internet and e-commerce Media.
(d)    Trade shows and event sponsorship.

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