Manipur University BSc Physics Syllabus Semester III

Manipur University BSc Physics Syllabus Semester III

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About UniversityManipur University

Manipur University was established on 5th June, 1980 under the Manipur University Act. 1980 (Manipur Act 8 of 1980), as a teaching cum-affiliating university at Imphal with territorial jurisdiction over the whole of the state of manipur and it was converted into a central university w.e.f. 13/10/2005. The Manipur University Act No 54 of 2005 received the assent of the President on 28/12/2005.

Located at Canchipur, Imphal, the capital city of Manipur. The university campus is spread over an area of 287 acres in the historic canchipur which is the site of the old palace of Manipur “The Langthabal Konung” (Palace), Which was established by Maharaja Ghambhir Singh in 1827 AD just after the libration of manipur from burmese occupation. Maharaja Gambhir Singh took his last breath at Canchipur. Canchipur is also the Birth Place of Dr. Lamabam Kamal, a renowned poet of Manipur.

Semester III


Vector and Sclar field

Fields-scalar and vector, examples, directional derivative and gradient of a vector field, flux and divergence of a .vector field, circulation and curl of vector field, algebra of the del operator and Laplacian operator, Gauss’s theorem, Stoke’s theorem and Green’s theorem

15 Marks

Electric Field

Electric field and electric lines, Gauss’s Law and applications, electrostatics of conductor, Electric potential, multipole moments and multipole expansion, force, torque and energy of a dipole in an external electric field, Poisson’s and Laplace’s equations. uniqueness theorem, solutions to Laplace’s equations in spherical coordinates, zonal harmonics, conducting sphere in unifoitil electric field
Electrostatic energy, system of point charges, system of continuous charge distribution, spherically symmetric charge distributions, charged capacitors
Dielectric properties of matter, polarization, electric field caused by polarised matter, Gauss’s law in a dielectric, boundary conditions on E and D. capacitors filled with dielectric, dielectric sphere in a uniform electric field, Clausius- Mosseti equation

20 Marks

Magnetic Field

Magnetic field, magnetic force between currents and definition of B, divergence and curl of B, Ampere’s circuital law, magnetic scalar and vector potentials, calculation of B for a straight wire, a circular loop, and a solenoid, field of a dipole, force, torque and energy of a dipole in an external field, magnetic moment. Lorentz force, magnetic field energy
Magnetic properties of matter. magnetization, magnetic field caused by magnetized matter, field equations in a magnetized matter, Ampere’s law in a magnetized matter, boundary conditions on B and H, magnetic shell, magnetic circuits, hysteresis and B-H curve

20 Marks

Electromagnetic Induction

Electromagnetic induction, Faraday’s laws of induction, curl E, self and mutual inductance, reciprocity theorem, energy stored in a coil
Alternating current and transient phenomena, A C circuit, mean value of currentand voltage, skin effect, power factor, A C in L-R. C-R. L-C-R circuits. series and parallel resonance, transient growth and decay of currents in L-R. C-R. L-C-R circuits. oscillatory discharge
Maxwell’s equations, the equations and their physical meanings and the respaective laws, equation of continuity, wave equations for E and B. plane wave solutions, transverse nature of electromagnetic wave, flow of electromagnetic power and the Poynting theorem

20 Marks

Suggested Books:

1. Introduction to Electrodynamics:David J. Griffiths, 3rd edition,(Benjamin Cummings, 1998)
2. Elements of Electromagnetics: Mathew N.O. Sadiku(Oxfort University Press)
3. Electricity and Magnetism: Edward M. Purcell (McGraw Hill)
4. Electricity and Magnetism: D C Tayal (Himalaya Publishing House 1988
5. Electricity and Magnetism: D. Chattopadhyay and P Rakshit


1. Detelinination of the horizontal component of earth’s magnetic field and the magnetic moment of the magnet with the help of a deflection magnetometer
2. Determination of self inductance by Rayleigh’s method
3. Determination of frequency of the A.C. mains with the help of sonometer
4. Determination of capacitance by de Sauty’s bridge
5. Determination of refractive index of a prism by using a spectrometer
6. Determination of capacitance by using ballistic galvanometer
7. Determination of ECE of copper
8. To convert the given galvanometer into an ammeter and calibrate it with the help of copper voltameter


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