April 24, Women’s Political Empowerment Day, India.

Women's Political Empowerment Day

April 24, Women’s Political Empowerment Day, India.

In 1994, women were given a 33% reservation on the seats of Panchayats, as a result of the 73rd Amendment to the Constitution. This was possible because of the Institute of Social Services, who campaigned for the enactment of the Panchayati Raj Act. Ever since, the 24th of April has been celebrated as the Women’s Political Empowerment Day.

Making women political empowered and their active enrollment in government is leading toward upliftment of women. They got chance to run panchayats and also their role has increased at higher level political posts also. MLA, MP and many other posts are now held by women. This gives the women encouragement and confidence.
Every year, more than a thousand Panchayat members come together to discuss a given theme and to promote the empowerment of women in Politics. Also, at this ceremony, outstanding members are awarded for their work in the past year.

In 1999, the Institute of Social Sciences instituted the Outstanding Women Panchayat Leaders Award to recognize the struggles, aspirations and achievements of women panchayat leaders. The award includes a citation, plaque and a cheque.

So this move has given women more respect in society and their reputation has increased also. Many women from lower level has increased their political value. With involvement of women in active governance has also effected the schemes related to women, because a woman knows the other woman better. So every year on 24 April Women’s Political Empowerment Day is celebrated.

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