April 18, World Heritage Day

April 18, World Heritage Day

April 18, World Heritage Day

Everyday people all over the world celebrate their cultural heritage, simply by living their lives in a way that embodies who they are and where they came from. But one day a year is set aside to celebrate the joint history and heritage of the human race. World Heritage Day encourages us to celebrate all the worlds cultures, and to bring awareness to important cultural monuments and sites, and to espouse the importance of preserving the world’s cultures

World Heritage in India

India is one country that has been ruled by leaders from different religious and cultural backgrounds, like Aryans, Guptas, Mughals, Britishers, etc. And all of them have left their marks on the Indian soil, in the form of monuments and sites, that are protected and resurrected till date. World heritage day has an important part to play in this colourful land, where you can find huge tombs sprawling over the land, towers that are so high that one can feel the sky and sites- so beautiful that keeps you mesmerized. India has all of it and to maintain these monuments and keep them alive for our upcoming generations, this day is celebrated to spread awareness among the visitors to protect these priceless monuments.

World Heritage Sites

In total there are 1,052. Of these, 814 are cultural, 203 are natural and 35 are mixed. Fifty-five of these are in danger, including the birthplace of Jesus, Church of the Nativity and Pilgrimage Route in Bethlehem.

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