Exotic Lyrics PRIYANKA CHOPRA feat. PITBULL Cool me downI’m feeling so exoticYaa right now..I’m hotter than the tropicsTake me down (Mr. Worldwide)Mumbai Cuba baby let’s go (Priyanka)La-love me all the way o Rio(Desi girl)I’m feeling so exotic Tumko jo dekha maineToh maine ye jaan liya haiPardesi babu neIss desi dil ko maan liya hai (x2) […]

Skin lyrics rihanna

“Skin” album: “Loud” [Verse 1:] The mood is set, So you already know what’s next. TV on blast, Turn it down, Turn it down. Don’t want it to clash, When my body’s screaming out now. I know you hearin’ it, You got me moaning now. I got a secret that I wanna show you, oh. […]

Man Down lyrics rihanna

“Man Down” album: “Loud” I didn’t mean to end his life I know it wasn’t right I can’t even sleep at night Can’t get it off my mind I need to get out of sight Before I end up behind bars What started out as a simple altercation Turned into a real sticky situation Me […]

Fading lyrics rihanna

“Fading” album: “Loud” You say you love me But they feel Like words to me Well this just Ain’t working Stop thinking You can run over me Drifting Settling Off to A foreign place If I can’t see What’s in front of me It’s a mystery Well then apparently [Chorus:] Things just ain’t the same […]