Pune University S. E. Time table November 2012 | Unipune SE [ All Branches ( Semester I and Semester II )

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The University of Pune, is a university located in northwestern Pune, India. It was founded in 1949 and today is one of India's premier Universities. Spread over a 411 acres campus, the university is home to 46 academic departments.

Address: Pune University Road, Pune, MH 411007
Phone: 020 2560 1099
Founded: February 10, 1949


Examination Circular No. 18 of 2012
Programme of S. E. [ All Branches ( Semester I & II ) 2008 Course ]
Examinations, November, 2012.

1. Candidates are required to be present at their places of examination, fifteen minutes before the time of the
first paper and ten minutes before the time of each subsequent papers.
2. Candidates are forbidden from taking any material into the examination hall that can be used for malpractice
at the time of examination.
3. No request for any special concession such as a change in time or any day fixed for the University
Examination on religious or any other ground shall be granted.
4. Candidates are requested to see the Notice -Board at their place of examination regularly for changes if any,
that may be notified later in the programme.
5. Candidates are requested to note the Day, Date and Time of every paper on every day.
6. Candidates are permitted to use stencils at the time of examination.
7. Candidates appearing for the examinations are expected to provide themselves with side - rules.
8. The exchange or loan of side-rules, drawing instruments of other materials used in the examination hall is not
Permitted while the examinations are in process. Candidates must bring their own instruments and will not be
allowed to borrow from each other under any circumstances.
9. Use of non-programmable battery operated electronic Calculators of Pocket-size is allowed. The exchange of
Calculators is not allowed.
10. The Centers and Places of the examination will be as follows :

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